Great Places You Should Visit in USA

Great Places You Should Visit in USA

US is wonderful state which is endowed with wonderful tourist attractions. If you wish to travel to the US there’re so many places that you can visit. When you are visiting these places you’re advised to hire a car from car rental website as they offer affordable services which are highly reliable. Some of the places that you can visit with the rental car are:

1. Grand Canyon

This’s one of the best tourist attractions in the US. It has been carved out by the Colorado River which cuts deep into the landscape thereby creating dramatic cliff ledges and walls. When you stand at the rim of the canyon you will be able to see down the canyon floor and you can look out over the cliffs and ridges.

2. Niagara Falls

It’s situated along the border of Canada and US. When you visit this site you will be able to see a large quantity of water which is constantly tumbling downwards. These falls are set of 3 falls which consists of the Horseshoe Falls ( the largest section), American falls( located on the American side of the river) and Bridal Veil Falls( Thin section which is located next to the American section).

3. Statue of Liberty

This is a universal symbol of freedom in the US and it’s the largest statue in the largest. It stands about 152 ft at the New York Harbor. In case you wish to visit this statue you can admire this statue from various places around the city such as Battery Park. There’re various options for you to visit this statue such as crown tickets, pedestal tickets and ground tickets which can allow you to have various levels of access to this statue.

4. Yellow National Park

This’s a home for the large ancient volcano which has led to awesome natural phenomena and dramatic landscape. One of the best attractions at this place are the hot springs, Geysers, and the incredible waterfalls. This’s the oldest national park in the United States which is a home for various types of wildlife such as grizzly bears, black bears, antelope, and bighorn sheep.
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